in our small and intimate Spa, located within one corner of the garden you are welcome to experience several  treatments provided by a professional and certified therapist. Expect much more than head-to-toe pampering because we believe  Body, Mind and Soul are interconnected. We feature exclusive European Bruno Vassari Products.  

At our Spa we offer different types of massages such as Back Neck and Shoulders, Swedish, Touch by Angels, and Lavender and Chocolate Treatments at very reasonable prices.

A Whirlpool has been added for the enjoyment of clients following a day of walking, arriving from the Galapagos or just for relaxation through the experience of the soothing waters at an additional charge.

A variety of mineral salts and skin ointments will be added to the water in order to provide total relaxation.


Mansión del Angel
Calle Los Ríos N13-134 y Pasaje Ascencio Gándara
 Tel: 593-2-2557721 
Fax: 593-2-2237819  
     North American Sales Office